Neil Houghton : Driver of the Great Marquess


The Lyra Award

Neil Houghton

‘Driver of the Great Marquess’


Pencils: Prismacolor, Karisma and Polychromos
Paper: Rising Stonehenge
46 x 30cm

This picture was the result of a trip to the North Yorks Moors Railway engine sheds in Grosmont, N. Yorks.
The engine driver was talking to one of his colleagues and paid no attention to me and my camera. As the engine was in the entry to one of the engine sheds the light level was very low, too low to take a really good photograph really but I am in the habit of taking shots anyway. I took 3 photos of him and all were insufficiently sharp due to the slow shutter speed. He was a good subject however and I thought I could use the shots for a CP painting. The resultant reference material was a composite of 2 of the photos.

I particularly enjoyed portraying his dirty orange overalls, especially his left sleeve and the reflective armband. I wrote to him, including a photo of the finished painting, which he likes, and have learned not only is he an engine driver but he is the MD of the company that owns and operates the Sir Nigel Gresley steam locomotive.


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