Jo Goudie : Pied Beauty

Jo Goudie UKCPS

‘Pied Beauty’


Pencils: Karismas and Derwent Inktense
Paper: Stonehenge
27 x 18cm

As a keen birdwatcher I was walking through woodland in the Forest of Dean and I saw this wonderful little bird flitting through the trees. It was a Pied Flycatcher, one of our summer visitors. I took several photos for pose and habitat and created my artwork from those. Detail was added from many reference books.

The background proved the most difficult to do. I wanted a blurred suggestion of foliage and thought it would be good if I could airbrush it, but how to do that with pencils? As an experiment I stood  different shades of Derwent Inktense pencils in small amounts of water until some of the leads had dissolved and then fed the coloured water through an airbrush and sprayed the background. It worked a treat.


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