Jude Delaney : The Welcoming Committee

Jude Delaney

‘The Welcoming Committee’


Pencils: Prismacolor wax and watercolour
Paper: Crescent cold pressed illustration board
40 x 31cm

I was introduced to both portraiture and coloured pencils in 1980 at a local college. For a long time I laid in a watercolour wash and then worked the pencils over it, but with the development of water soluble pencils, I can now do portraits entirely in coloured pencil. Although I use Prismacolor primarily, I have also have pencils by Derwent and Brynzeel. Coloured pencil is a perpetual learning experience. Although it takes a little longer to do a finished work, I am constantly challenged to produce complex subjects with results equal to more conventional media.

“The Welcoming Committee” is based on a photograph that I took of a neighbour's Pembroke Welsh Corgis. I asked Sue if I could photograph one of her agility dogs in action, since she specialises in agility activities with her Corgis. I took several pictures of jumps and tunnels runs, but at the end of the session, the dogs raced to the porch to ‘welcome’ their well earned treats!


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