Sue Clinker : Lurch

Sue Clinker



Pencils: Derwent Artists and Prismacolor Background clouds drawn using Derwent Watercolour pencil
Paper: Drafting film with black background paper
40 x 30cm

Lurch is a rescue case. He had been abused by previous owners and has lost 2 toes, the tips of his right wing and has scars on his neck. He now has a wonderful home at an Owl and Wildlife Sanctuary in Kent. He travels extensively round the county in the company of the sanctuary staff and selected residents, helping to raise money for them by posing for photographs etc. I was lucky enough to meet Lurch at my home town of Tankerton (Whitstable) when he appeared at our Summer Fayre last year. I think he is a very handsome chap and does a grand job.


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