Kate Clarke : Old-timers, one, two, free! (triptych)

Derwent Award for Best Picture in Show

& The People's Choice Award

Kate Clarke

‘Old-Timers, One, Two, Three’


Pencils: Prismacolor
Paper: Bristol board
3 x 26cm x 39cm

Since our family has been affected by dementia (my mother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's aged just 62) I have come to realise just how many other people are also living with the disease. My parents, Bronwyn and Roger Clarke, have been inspirational to me in their approach to coping with the disease; by making the most of life, staying positive and finding hope in even the most difficult and traumatic situation. I wanted my picture to represent that message of hope - to try a to show a positive aspect of a horrible, devastating disease.
I have focused on how the progression of the illness leads a person to return to a more childlike state, becoming gradually less encumbered by the burden of responsibility. With this regression comes a certain freedom, the mind being no longer constrained by the overcrowded thoughts which result from the pressures and complexity of a busy, modern life.


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